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The season premiered on January 1, 2018.

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The A-List follows the character of Anna Percy, who has been raised in New York City's Upper East Side. Anna has grown up living a life of privilege and many rules, which she somewhat jokingly refers to as "This is How We Do Things Big Book, East Coast WASP Edition". Anna moves out to Los Angeles with her father in the hopes of getting an internship in the entertainment industry as well as to reinvent herself in a new environment. While traveling to LA, Anna meets the handsome Ben Birnbaum, with whom she has an immediate connection. Ben chases away Anna's awful seatmate, Rick Resnick, and invites her to the wedding of A-lister Jackson Sharpe, which she accepts. Once Anna arrives in LA, she is upset that her father stood her up at the airport in order to indulge in marijuana, but Jonathan insists that he has changed and wants to have a better relationship with his daughter. Anna is not entirely convinced, because even though her father now wears jeans and appears more laid back, his new girlfriend Margaret Cunningham is a dead ringer for Anna's mother, Jane Percy.

Later at the wedding, Anna meets Samantha "Sam Sharpe, the witty daughter of Jackson Sharpe who is insecure about her looks; Camilla "Cammie" Sheppard, the sexiest and most devious girl alive who is Ben's ex-girlfriend and wants him back; and Delia "Dee" Young, a spacey but sweet girl who secretly hooked up with Ben when she was on a college tour at Princeton. All three of Ben's three close female friends who are all secretly in love with him. Ben and Anna try to pretend they've been dating at Princeton but Rick Resnick was also invited at the wedding and exposes how the two truly met. The three girls spend the rest of the night cutting down Anna or trying to steal Ben away from her, culminating in Cammie ripping Anna's dress. Sam gets soundly rejected, and goes to cry in the bathroom where Anna is freshening up. Sam apologizes for mistreating her and the two bond.

Sam invites Anna to attend a Warner Brothers New Year's Eve bash after the wedding. A jealous Cammie attempts to break up Anna and Ben by convincing a big producer that Anna is a hooker so he will hit on her, but it backfires. After the party Cammie goes to her mother's grave to confess how much she really loves Ben and wants him back while Sam and a group of partiers goes to her father's house to get drunk, and Ben and Anna go to his father's boat to have sex. However, Anna changes her mind and admits to Ben that she is not ready. Ben appears to be understanding but he deserts Anna when she falls asleep.

During a charity project with Sam, Cammie, Dee and their other friends, Anna gets food poisoning from an expired yogurt she'd eaten earlier in the day. Dee takes Anna home and while caring for Anna, Dee confesses that people look down on her because of her short stature and her spirituality. Dee also confesses that she believes that she's pregnant with Ben's baby, which shocks Anna and makes her wonder what kind of person Ben truly is.

At the end of the book, Anna's internship has fallen through due to Margaret Cunningham leaving her company to start her own agency Apex so Anna is forced to enroll at Beverly Hills High. She has also broken up with Ben and refuses to take his calls but Sam and Dee show genuine interest in becoming friends with Anna, Cammie beings to feel threatened.

“Ben, you don’t have to be anything or do anything for me. Not ballons, not roses, not phone calls. Nothing” Anna couldn’t bare to see Ben go but she knew it was right for her. She did only have her heart shattered and then stepped on all by Ben. Anna didn’t know what to do, she had to change from staring into Ben’s beautiful eyes to looking at Adams blue star tattoo.

Adam was at the wedding with Anna, Ben, Cammie, Dee and Sam. Adam fell in love with Anna at first sight but Anna was with Ben. Cammie, Dee, and Sam were “best friends” but never seemed to tell each other anything about their personal lives and their plans. Cammie who is queen bee with her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair and lovely body shape, couldn’t quite win Ben back, Ben wanted Anna.

When Ben and Anna see each other on the boardwalk, Anna is with Adam, Ben is with his cousin who he pretends is his girlfriend to make Anna jealous. But Ben felt like a loser with a broken heart.

Anna is able to score another internship but its in the afternoon after school which means she will still have to go to senior year. Susan, Anna’s sister is fresh out of rehab and sober. But we will see how long that lasts. Susan is Susan.

Sam and Anna become partners for a school project and head out to the V’s to do some filming. Anna calls up Ben saying she is no longer seeing Adam, except she calls from the Hotel Phone. So Ben heads up to the V’s to try and win Anna back. But it doesn’t happen.

Anna is assigned to be Brock Franklin, a writer from New Yorks, friend at the Party. When Anna loses Brock she finds Susan intoxicated with Cammie, and Anna made sure Cammie knew about Susan. Sam saved the day and gave Anna and Susan a ride home without making a big deal. And on Annas way out she finds her boss, Margaret, with Brock who also seems to have a drinking problem.

When Anna is to return to work on Monday, she has to face Margaret. Not to mention Cammies dad is the head of the company Annas internship is with, Apex. When Anna is shocked that she still has the job, it means that Margaret is dead to Anna meaning they are not to talk to each other or interact with each other.

Sam offers a small getaway to Santa Barbara. When Anna goes for a small run on the beach Ben catches up to her to tell her the truth about what really happened that night. Anna forgives Ben and they redo that night.


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